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Πληροφορίες εκ των έσω

The fruity character composed of cherry and raspberry aromas, typical of a well-ripened Xinomavro, the sweet spices of Syrah and the rich body of Merlot are combined with the the velvety texture and the lingering aftertaste, characteristic of a great vintage that gave us delicious wines with a very enjoyable complexity.

Ποικιλιακή σύνθεση

Merlot (50%), Xinomavro (25%), Syrah (25%)



Δυνατότητα Παλαίωσης

5 years





Γευστικοί Συνδυασμοί

A simple and easy-to-drink match to pasta, vegetarian dishes and barbecue delights

Αναλυτικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Αλκοολικός βαθμός:  13.6%
pH:  n/a
Ολική οξύτητα:  n/a
Πτητική οξύτητα:  n/a
Σάκχαρα:  2.5 g/L
Φαινολικό δυναμικό:  41.2
Χρωματική ένταση:  6.51/0.65
Ελεύθερα/Ολικά θειώδη:  8/37 ppm

The grapes come from individual contract farmers from the viticultural area of Agios Panteleimon in Florina in Northwestern Greece that lies at an altitude of 600 meters. The usual grape yield does not exceed 40 hl/he. The soil is sandy and poor, thus offering the possibility of producing wines of good quality and rich aromas. The microclimate of the region is characterised by cold winters and warm summers, while the four neighbouring lakes contribute to the existence of a mild continental climate.

Grapes are hand-picked and selected on a sorting table prior to crush. For each variety the must is cold soaked at 11-12°C in a reductive environment for 2-5 days depending on the quality of the grapes. Fermentation takes place at 20-22°C, followed by malolactic fermentation in tank. During the first three months of the year, the lees are stirred twice a week (batonnage), in order to achieve a fuller body. After the final blend the wine is bottled, usually in April after the harvest. The winemaker's main objective is to achieve maximum fruit extraction, while preserving a good level of acidity.