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Πληροφορίες εκ των έσω

The bright color and the intense mousse with the persistent bubbles are a prelude to the explosive aromas of strawberry and cherry of the nose, characteristic of the Amyndeon Xinomavro, while the yeasty notes from the secondary fermentation add aromatic complexity and finesse. Softer in the mouth, thanks to its rounder acidity, the 2013 Akakies Sparkling shows the same refreshing character, the power and the playful temperament that have made this wine so popular.

Ποικιλιακή σύνθεση




Δυνατότητα Παλαίωσης



The base wine stays on its lees and is frequently stirred for three months.



Γευστικοί Συνδυασμοί


Αναλυτικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Αλκοολικός βαθμός:  n/a
pH:  n/a
Ολική οξύτητα:  6.7 g/L
Πτητική οξύτητα:  0.38 g/L
Σάκχαρα:  21.1 g/L
Φαινολικό δυναμικό:  n/a
Χρωματική ένταση:  n/a
Ελεύθερα/Ολικά θειώδη:  n/a

The must is composed entirely of grapes carefully selected during the harvest on the basis of their content in sugars, phenols and acidity. The optimal point of maturity for the production of Akakies Sparkling is at 10.5 ABV. After delivery at the winery, and before the press, the grapes are chilled at 11-14 °C. Three pressings take place under continuous and gradually increasing pressure. For the production of Akakies Sparkling we use the second pressing. After the must is settled and racked the first alcoholic fermentation takes place. This fermentation is short and carried out using the traditional method. The wine stays and is stirred on its lees for a few months and then is transferred to the tanks for the second fermentation, during which the bubbles are formed and the wine gains 1% in alcohol. The wine will stay on its lees for 3-5 more months before it is bottled.