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Winemaker's Note

Syrah has rich, deep, highly concentrated dark red color. Exotic complex aromas of violets, plums, leather and oak are quite easily recognizable. The spicy character of the wine may well dominate the fruit while the incredible strong flavors of black pepper are not unobservable. This great wine requires abundant time to reveal its perfection


100% Syrah




8-10 years





Analytical Data

Alcohol:  14.6%
pH:  3.66
Titratable acidity:  4.8 g/L
Volatile acidity:  0.62 g/L
Residual sugar:  3.5 g/L
Phenolic index:  n/a
Color intensity:  n/a
Free/Total sulfites:  26/72 ppm

The vineyards have an overall southeast exposure at an altitude of 280-330 m. The estate is divided in thirty distinct parcels of different microclimate, which is a function of varying orientation, inclination, and soil type. Silt, loam, and clay are found in equal proportion. Rainfall is abundant during the winter months, but summers are so dry that minimal drip irrigation is applied to prevent heat damage. The density of the vines ranges from 3.500 to 4.000 per hectare and the average crop yield is maintained below 2.5 kg per vine. A parcel of 1 ha is planted with various local Greek varieties for experimental reasons.

The classic red vinification method is applied in controlled temperatures, followed by malolactic fermentation and maturation of the wine in new oak barrels, as well as the ageing in bottles due to reduction processes. The wine-maker’s main objective is to achieve balance between the maturation, the grape variety and the appropriate barrel.