KIR-YIANNI around the globe: wine fairs and portfolio tastings


6 destinations in 3 continents for our KIR-YIANNI exports team in the first quarter of 2023 alone. This ceaseless and focused effort, supported by solid strategic goals, has rendered KIR-YIANNI one of the most highly regarded ambassadors of Greek Wine around the globe. Today, our exports cover 45 countries, while the bar is set even higher for the near future: 70 countries by the end of 2028.

One could say that our exports team live out of their suitcase. Since January, they have attended major wine fairs and portfolio tastings organized by our distributors in Poland, Israel, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany; on top of that, a roadshow in Australia, including stops in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Golden Coast, Adelaide and Perth, offered the opportunity to meet again (after the Covid limitations) with strategic KIR-YIANNI associates, important wine professionals and media.


Warsaw, Poland: BIG GREEK WEEK by SlowGuide

Australia Roadshow: ARRIVALS 2023 by Red and White

London, UK: Portfolio Tasting by Enotria & Coe

Tel Aviv, Israel: SOMMELIER 2023

Zurich, Switzerland: MATTER OF TASTE 2023 by Wine Advocate

Dusseldorf, Germany: PROWEIN 2023