Grape & Land

Grape & Land

Xinomavro, “acid and black” in Greek, is one of the world’s rarest noble red grapes originating from Northwestern Greece.

Despite its sensitivity to suboptimal conditions and disease outbreaks, it is endowed with a divine talent for unforgettable wines.

Even if Xinomavro can be compared to Nebbiolo-based Barolos or to Burgundy Pinot Noirs, thanks to its firm structure and complex aromatic profile, its character can only be described as unique. Over the decades, in Kir-Yianni we have learned how to master its fickle nature with the aim of producing world-class wines.

High in acidity (Xino-, acid), rich in phenols, with a deep, black colour (-mavro, black) and powerful tannins, Xinomavro wines can age for many years, sometimes decades. Thanks to its particular and powerful character, composed of red fruit and vegetal aromas of tomato and olive, Xinomavro has acquired a steadily increasing number of dedicated friends, in Greece and abroad.



In the area of Northern Greece, the variations in the climate and the properties of the ground form vineyards that show a very different character from place to place.

Under conditions ranging from Mediterranean to continental, on sandy or clay soils, rich or poor, on plains and plateaus or on mountain slopes, next to lakes or rivers, Xinomavro, the noblest local red grape variety, is cultivated here since the very ancient times. From the century old of pre-phylloxera vineyards to the most recent, experimental plantations, Northern Greece is a privileged place where traditions blend with innovation and pioneering techniques.

Xinomavro is used in some of the most prominent Greek appellations, both PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). The most renowned are PDO Naoussa and PDO Amyndeon, where the wines are 100% Xinomavro. In PDO Goumenissa, Xinomavro is blended with Negoska and in PDO Rapsani, it is blended with Krasato and Stavroto. Finally, PGI Velvendos, PGI Siatista, PGI Grevena, PGI Pella, PGI Slopes of Vertiskos and PGI Halkidiki are some of the regions where Xinomavro is used alone or in blends.


Wines & Pairing

Xinomavro is an extremely versatile variety able to produce wines in a very wide range of styles, from blanc de noir to rosé and deep red, still or sparkling, dry or sweet.

Thanks to its red fruit and vegetal complexity, reminiscent of tomato and olive, its firm tannic structure and lingering aftertaste, a typical Xinomavro is the ultimate wine for sophisticated meat-lovers, pairing perfectly with dishes of lamb, veal or game, roasted or cooked in red sauce and dried fruits.

With age, Xinomavro develops an amazing complexity of dried fruit aromas and notes of truffle and tobacco. This is the time to pair it with an earthy, creamy mushroom risotto or aged yellow cheeses. Try also a Xinomavro rosé with seafood in tomato sauce, or even a salad with sun-dried tomato and feta cheese, or finish your meal with an off-dry sparkling wine from Xinomavro paired with a strawberry tart.