The sparkling wines of Kir-Yianni


Sparkling is a kind of magic and Amyndeon in Northern Greece is a magic motherland for Xinomavro sparkling wines, and the only Protected Designation of Origin in Greece where rosé sparkling wines enter the PDO. Kir-Yianni launched its first bubbly in 2012 and today, on the sparkling wine front, these two etiquettes are crushing it in Greece and abroad.

Akakies Sparkling, Xinomavro / PDO

In the summer of 2012, while the world celebrated the London Olympics, at Ktima Kir-Yianni we had our own homegrown blast for a very special reason. Our first sparkling etiquette was heading into the wine world. A year before launching it, we had completed our inquiry and experimental production on what a varietal Xinomavro sparkling could be like. And the key for this story is “Amyndeon”.

We decided to present the most vigorous Xinomavro expression. Amyndeon PDO and its sparkling tradition instantly, became our inspirational source for grapes. The zone was established in 1972. It extends to the southeastern part of the Florina district, mainly on the plateau of Amyndeon, at altitudes from 300 to 750m. The plateau is surrounded by the three “V”, the mountains of Vermio, Vitsi and Voras, dominated by four lakes, and characterized by sandy, poor soil. Its cold climate gives a special Xinomavro with moderate color intensity, high acidity and intense fruit aromas, an ideal grape for sparkling wines. For this reason, Amyndeon is among the two PDO zones for the production of sparkling wine in Greece (the other one is PDO Zitsa) and the only zone for sparkling rosé production.

Kir-Yianni Akakies Sparkling rosé honored the PDO zone and changed everything we had known about rosé sparkling wines in Greece. The wine manifests itself to the eye with its bright Pink Siris petal colour, to the nose with its lavish and persistent bubbles pointing out the explosive aromas of ripe strawberry and cherry, typical of the Amyndeon Xinomavro, and to the palate with an elegant round acidity adding freshness while pairing harmoniously with the discrete sweetness. This dry medium body refreshing wine is the worthy sibling of Akakies rosé, multidimensional, gracious, always desirable, an excellent interpretation of the Xinomavro.

Paranga Sparkling, Xinomavro, Moscato, Chardonnay

“Paranga” in Greek means “shack”, a small, rough construction, from any available material, serving as a warehouse, or as a shelter. In 1996, however, when Yiannis Boutaris bought the old winery in the village of Agios Panteleimon at Amyndeon, the term had just been associated with the corruption in the Greek football. The building of the newly acquired old winery was far from a shack, nevertheless the founder of Kir-Yianni, who is known for his sense of humor and love for the oxymorons nicknamed his headquarters at Amyndeon, and his first Kir-Yianni white blend, Paranga.

Almost twenty years later, we had all the reasons to launch Kir-Yianni Paranga Sparkling. Its still sibling had become, and still is, one of Greece’s most favourite wines. Akakies Sparkling rose was a beautiful example of what we could do at Amyndeon. The time was perfect for a white wine aperitif.

Paranga Sparkling is a great package, from bottle to aftertaste. When you pour a glass, the nose is full of pleasing fresh apricot and peach from the Chardonnay, combined with floral notes coming from the Muscat. The first sip reveals a vivid balanced mousse composed of small-sized bubbles that create a vibrant mouthfeel. Each sip uncovers the aromatic character, a hint of spiciness, and a drying finish.

Whether white or rosé, Kir-Yianni sparkling wines champion the right to distinct bubbly pleasure and the privilege to enjoy noble quality with ease and style.