Pairing Samaropetra with flavors from earth & sea!


Spring is here, and the refreshed varietal Samaropetra Sauvignon Blanc is the ultimate wine to accompany the days and nights of this generous season.

If there is a wine that can be described as friendly and welcoming, this is Samaropetra. It can accompany and highlight an extremely wide range of tastes and moments from delicate and subtler flavors to salty dishes, or simply… a relaxed, thirst-quenching evening after a busy a day. This is the reason why!

Samaropetra is a low-alcohol wine with a vividly refreshing character easily recognizable and appreciated by everyone. It has a bright white color with green shades. Its intense bouquet combines aromas of freshly cut grass, melon, kiwi, and pepper. This beautiful aromatic palette, typical of the Sauvignon Blanc variety, continues with the aromas of white flowers and citrus.  On the palate, it is full with crispy citrusy acidity leading to a lingering, aromatic aftertaste that makes a great match, even with flavors that are more difficult to combine with wine, such as green salads, asparagus, artichokes and Asian cuisine.

Whether Mediterranean or Asian, sea or earth-driven, for a special occasion or for an everyday meal, every kitchen and every season has a place on its table for Samaropetra. Find out how this wine can highlight your culinary experience.

Magic happens when Samaropetra is paired with seafood!

You can feel the mystic if you try its citrus character with the radiating personality of any seashell, like buttery scallops in the oven, or steamed fleshy mussels with parsley and olive oil.

Samaropetra adores raw oysters; its herbal citrusy backbone works well with their fine taste. If you are missing a Paraga Sparkling from your refrigerator and the occasion does not justify champagne, then Samaropetra will prove to be the best choice!

Samaropetra blends superbly with most types of fish dishes. Prefer to keep the original flavor of the fish without dominant sauces and a lot of herbs. Our proposal is roast cod with potatoes, lemon, and thyme.

Two appetizers that can open the curtain of a meal, originally and impressively, together with Samaropetra, are roasted shrimps sprinkled with caper leaves, fresh cardamom and horseradish, and Japanese dashi soup, combined with mushrooms, basil, coriander, and cuttlefish.

When it comes to salads and vegie recipes Samaropetra is a winner wine!  

Its clean, bright and crisp palette makes Spanakorizo (spinach & rice) with lemon and feta cheese reach the peak of its flavor!

New-age recipes with pasta or rice, and sauces based on celery, or chickpeas, or artichoke, or asparagus find in Samaropetra a true companion.

But the most unforgettable and simple green delight comes if you pair the wine with a garden combination of fresh herbs, greens, vegetables and edible flowers.

Samaropetra in white!

Try a flavor medley of mushrooms with garlic butter sauce combined with poultry, or pork, or any white meat, you prefer.

For a quick and smart dish, you could keep just the mushrooms, fry them, and sprinkle them with a feta cheese sauce enriched with parsley and onion.

Speaking of cheese…

Samaropetra is a great companion to different kinds of cheese, especially mildly acidic cheeses, like feta, or the Florina goat cheese, or the French Chèvre.

It pairs perfectly also, with the soft, naturally fermented, very pungent Greek cheeses like Anevato, specific to the areas of Grevena and Kozani in Western Macedonia of Greece.

You can spread the cheese on toasted, or fresh baked bread, complement the sandwiches with olive oil, and green spring onions, grab the chilled Samaropetra from the refrigerator, and go for a picnic!

Samaropetra is a pure pleasure in every sip!

Samaropetra is up to the pairing challenges of demanding wine-friends and chefs, every time a Sauvignon Blanc is required. Nevertheless, as much flattering as it is for food, you can always enjoy it as an aperitif!