Kir-Yianni supports “Symposium”


SYMPOSION_POSTER_web_useComposer Dimitris Maramis is presenting his new work titled “Symposium”, a song cycle of poems set to music, from Homer and Euripides to Kavafy and Ritsos, on wine and love.

Symposium highlights the cultural and symbolic value of wine and love in the ceaseless evolution of the Greek language over the course of twenty five centuries. The composer draws his material from the exceptional poetic trilogy “Wine in Poetry” published on account of the Fani Boutari Foundation in 1995 (“…at Symposiums, with wine and companionship, people searched for happiness and merriment…. the pun-loving, priapic god Dionyssus, favourite subject of hymns, played a leading role in the wine-drenched lyrics, as the initial inspiration came from the divine…”).

The songs are performed by the talented vocalists Doros Dimosthenous and Mela Yerofoti, with Konstantinos Pavlakos on violin and the composer on piano. The event will be narrated by Konstantinos Tzoumas.

Kir-Yianni is the exclusive sponsor of “Symposium”, that takes place on Friday, March 18, at 21.00 in the Emilios Riadis Hall M2 of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

Tickets and info: Tel. (+30) 2310895938-9 &