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Winemaker's Note


100% Sauvignon Blanc




2-3 years


Batonnage in stainless steel tanks for 2-4 months


Samaropetra Vineyard, Agios Panteleimon, Florina

Food Pairing

Balanced, exuberant, and easy to drink with salads and seafood or on its own as a refreshing aperitif

Analytical Data

Alcohol:  n/a
pH:  3.22
Titratable acidity:  5.8 g/L
Volatile acidity:  n/a
Residual sugar:  1.8 g/L
Phenolic index:  n/a
Color intensity:  n/a
Free/Total sulfites:  n/a

The grapes are sourced from the viticultural zone of Agios Panteleimon within the Amyndeon appellation in Florina, Northwestern Greece. The orientation of the vineyard is west while the inclination is up to 15%. The climate of the area is continental and is characterized by cold winters and hot summers and is tempered by the four surrounding lakes of the area that act as a buffer zone. The high altitude (700m) and the poor sandy soils of the area lead to low vineyard yields (about 60-80 hl/ha) and slow ripening that results in a rare aromatic intensity especially for white grape varieties.