Veroni Vermouth: Inspired by True Love


A unique love story of 100 years ago relives through the new VERONI vermouth that bears the Kir-Yianni Estate signature.

The story unfolds in the 1920s and 30s. Kostaki Nitsiotas was the favorite uncle of Yianni Boutaris and the one who initiated him in the family winery. Although a teacher by profession, Mr Nitsiotas had a special passion for winemaking and played a decisive role in keeping the Boutari winery running during the difficult interbellum.

He was born and educated in Varna, Bulgaria and managed the company during the 20s until Yianni’s grandfather, Stellio Boutaris, came of age. Kostaki Nitsiotas was the one who established a valuable and strong relationship with over 800 grape growers in Naoussa. In 1925, he married his beloved Veroni, a typical woman of her time from Naoussa.

Veroni liked to regularly ascend the slopes of Vermio, a mountain famous for its flora, and gather herbs. She also liked vermouth, an aromatized fortified wine that had begun to become fashionable in the 30s. Kostaki, to please her, started making Boutari Vermouth, flavoring it with the botanicals that his wife collected.

Today, three generations and a hundred years later, this unique love story “comes back to life” in collaboration with the experienced distiller, Dimitri Melissanidis.

Kir-Yianni Estate proudy presents the premium VERONI vermouth. Like back in the day, most of the used botanicals originate from endemic plants from Mount Vermio, ensuring the excellent quality of the ingredients. The herbs are collected, cleaned and then dried by environmentally friendly and natural methods.

Enjoy VERONI Rosso or VERONI Dry, served neat or with ice, or in your favorite cocktail!